Wedding Agreement Jwalk

I don`t think anyone here who supports Pastor Paul Sheppard has confused him or confused him with God. That being said, EVERYone is Christian or not an idiot when they blindly believe and follow another person (in all situations, not just spiritually). First, one must do research on one`s own and decide whether the leader and doctrine are worth persecuting or not, second, anyone who joins the human race is inclined to do something that he knows he has nothing to do. For example, if you see a vegetarian eating meat once, should it be avoided forever? Another example, how many of us drive above the speed limit when driving or "driving" on stop signs? And how many of these people (who don`t have bad dmv/public records) still consider themselves good drivers? How many of us j-walk (sp?) (make sure I have neutral examples) Christians have often set an example of hypocrisy. The truth is that EVERY PERSON WHO HAS EVER HAUNTED THIS EARTH HAS DONE SOMETHING THAT CONSIDERS OTHERS OR PROBLEMS HYPOCRITICAL! EACH! Unfortunately, it is usually the members and the public who try to idolize a man who works for God. But no one is God except God! He is a judge and no one else. Pastor Paul is no different from Tiger Woods, Jim Bakker, SF Mayor Gavin Newsom or any other with indiscretions (whatever they may be). But perhaps the only thing Pastor Paul & Jim Bakker has differently than Tiger Woods & Mayor Newsom, a Savior who will help him bring his life together if he submits to change. I am not pretending to condemn Tiger Woods, Mayor Newsom or anyone else. All I know is what others have actually saved and I can say that. As far as atheists are concerned. I think you have generalized something that you don`t know much about.

Have you ever taken the time to open a Bible and read what the Bible says for yourself? Can someone who knows how to interpret it correctly explain it? I think most people who cost Christians have never done so, hence a view of ignorance. In order for someone to become aware of something, one must first learn about it. I don`t think it`s been done. Unfortunately, there are many extremists and hypocrites who have given Chrsitianity a bad name. But it`s not everyone. I don`t think anyone here who professes his faith has said anything derogatory about you (as far as I`ve read). You talked mainly about mercy, forgiveness, grace and a certain consensus that Pastor Paul must resign from his role. The Bible says, don`t judge so you won`t be judged.

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