Tv Series Option Agreement Template

However, extension fees are generally not. As a rule, there are two option taxes and periods, that is, the first option is X amount for Y months, with the option to extend Y additional months for X. These are generally referred to as "second option fees" for the "second option period". You have until the end of the last option period to "exercise" the option. Normally, this happens when you have all the funding together and everyone is ready to shoot. Unfortunately, most book movie projects never see the light of day. Thus, if an author has signed a purchase agreement, the author has no certainty that a project will be realized and has no leverage to buy the book from other producers during the period of the purchase contract. The author`s hands are tied. An option agreement puts at least money in the author`s pocket. So think carefully and always consult a lawyer before entering into any of these agreements. And always use the legal advice of a real lawyer...

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