Trinity Western University Covenant Agreement

On Tuesday, the university announced that students will no longer have to sign the controversial document. The amendment does not apply to teachers or non-student staff. The University of Langley has decided to change its requirements for a controversial alliance that prohibits sexual intimacy outside of marriage, which is defined as between a man and a woman. In a letter in which donors declared the change, the university explained that the school did not compromise its values. "I think the main goal is to understand that this is not a change in Confederation, but simply a change of commitment to sign it," Wigmore said in an email. West Coast LEaf intervened at all levels of the court in BC to argue that the Confederation discriminates against persons who choose to exercise their reproductive rights and that it is discriminated against on the basis of "sexual orientation and marital status by prohibiting all non-heterosexual and married relationships." The board of directors of the Evangelical Christian University of Langley, B.C., voted Thursday on a motion to make the parish association optional for students. She said she suspected that abandoning a mandatory federal government would be sufficient to obtain the necessary authorizations from government B.C. and provincial corporations, but problems with any prospective program would remain. In an interview Tuesday, Trinity Western President Bob Kuhn said the change that does not apply to the faculty has not been driven by controversy around the legal school and that the university has no immediate intention of renewing its candidacy. There is an obligation to be accountable for the implementation of the commitments made under the Community Pact.

It is a responsibility of the university and of every member of the community. "In this case, the effect of mandatory federal governments is to limit the behaviour of others. The LSBC`s decision avoids the risk of significant harm to LGBTQ people who feel they have no choice but to attend the planned TWU law school. They should, for three years, deny who they are for legal training. Asking another person`s religious beliefs to be at odds with gender identity is humiliating and disrespectful. Govender said there were "constitutional issues" to consider before a law school was considered acceptable, including the fact that Confederation is still mandatory for teachers and employees. The announcement drew a positive but cautious response from Kasari Govender, executive director of the West Coast`s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF), one of the groups that were brought to court to argue against the Approval of the Law School while confederation was in force. TWU is a Christian university of arts, science and technical sciences, with a vision for the development of people of high competence and exemplary character who stand out as leaders in the life markets. Within the TWU community, students, teachers and collaborators work together to pursue truth and excellence with grace and diligence, to treat people and ideas with charity and respect, to reflect critically and constructively on complex topics, and to respond willingly to the deepest needs and opportunities of the world.

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