Software Development Exclusivity Agreement

A seller might say that it is too difficult to determine whether a buyer participated in the transaction when a business broker is involved. However, the general purpose of an exclusivity agreement is to protect the broker from collaboration with a seller who breaks the agreement as soon as the seller meets with the buyer, eliminating the need to pay the broker for his services. 1.4 Support and Maintenance. All support and maintenance services, updates, versions or new versions are contractually agreed within the framework of a separate agreement between the parties. Maintenance and support rights or obligations for third-party products or devices used in the software and available through the respective suppliers or manufacturers of such content and devices are transferred to the customer by the developer. The Software Developer agrees that it will not disclose confidential information to third parties and that it will not use the confidential information of the Patent Co. Software for any purpose other than the performance of the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement and for a period of [number] (#) years thereafter, without the prior written consent of the Software Patent Co. the Patent Co. Software and that it takes all appropriate precautions to prevent unauthorized disclosure of information ns confidential by its employees.

The Patent Co. Software does not license the software developer with respect to the confidential information disclosed herein, unless it expressly specifies otherwise. In addition, the software developer understands the sensitive nature of the confidential information and the underlying project. Accordingly, no member of the software developer should be allowed to work on the Software Patent Co. software development project until Software Patent Co. has authorized that collaborator. 18. INTEGRATION This Agreement represents the full understanding of the Parties and revokes and replaces all prior agreements between the Parties and is intended as the final expression of their agreement. . . .

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