Saffron Housing Tenancy Agreement

For more information, please visit our website -. Saffron offers housing support and addresses the specific practical, social, emotional and cultural needs of individuals who: Energy Certifications - From 1 October 2008, each socially rented property will have an energy certification. An energy certification shows you the energy assessment of the property and can be useful in deciding whether or not to sign up for a lease agreement. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via the My Saffron portal, send an email or call 01508 532000. We are always looking for feedback and we are trying to improve our service. If you have a complaint or suggestion or would like to leave a compliment for a job well done, you can use this form to contact us - Check out below some useful tips and information or visit our website here Log in by sending an email, To make your voice heard! For more information, tips and frequently asked questions, check out our website here - If you can commit 4 days a year and give your opinion, knowledge and understanding of issues that concern you, your home and your community, please contact our Customer Engagement team via email at or call 01508 532032. They offer housing management and wellness services to clients who live in saffron communities. You work as part of a collaborative and professional team of wellness coordinators who offer quality customer service. If you wish to check this policy, please send an email to If you successfully offer options on a property, you will receive from the owner for the property a copy of the energy certification for the property before deciding whether or not to sign a lease. For more information on energy certifications, click here. .

. • Oversee the inclusion of saffron tenants in decisions that affect the services they provide.

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