Safety In Practice Agreement Form

Please note that literacy and numeracy (faculty-based) tests are separate from literacy and numeracy tests for first-time students - LANTITE (National). For more information on faculty-based competency tests, please email Start with the "Security Agreement in Practice" form (PDF 817KB) and complete the requirements inside (other requirements and forms are linked). After graduation - Upload to InPlace. If you need to make a disclosure through your "Safety in Practice" form, you must also submit a health assessment to determine if you are able to meet the mandatory work experience requirements (see page 2 of the "Safety in Practice" form). If university staff have doubts about your ability to meet these mandatory functional requirements, the Academic Director, Professional Experience or your Program Director will discuss this and may ask you to organize and submit a health assessment to confirm your eligibility for an internship and/or to inform you about providing appropriate support. PEP allows you to put theory into practice in a real health field, sometimes in your first year. In 2020, due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, UTAS has waived only on the condition that students are required to complete LANTITE before being enrolled in their graduation internship to graduate in 2020, but students must successfully complete LANTITE by window 3. For more information, visit the ACER website. To complete the form, download it to your computer and save it. Complete all relevant sections of the form electronically, including the commitment of your name and date, save your changes and download the agreement on InPlace. If you are having difficulties, please print the form, scan it and download it to InPlace. Students placed in Calvary Healthcare organizations must provide Calvary employees with proof of pre-placement requirements (PDF 418KB) prior to placement.

Make sure you have your required documents (according to the attached link) before or on the first day of mediation for observation by Calvary employees. Before the internship, Calvary staff can contact the UTAS email address with more information on additional training certificates (according to the attached link). The compliance process is there to protect you and the people you are interested in. It makes sure you are safe to practice and helps make sure you stay safe in practice. Three short videos that help students meet NSW`s health safety requirements are available on the university`s website. For more information, visit the Australian Government`s Department of Education and Training Document Library. For more information on LANTITE, please visit the ACER website. What does that mean? The University of Tasmania and our partners have a duty to ensure the safety of students, staff and those who assist you. There are a number of legal and regulatory requirements that you must meet in order to adopt PEP.

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